Why is it hard to get a job?


Have you ever been told your not good enough? Big companies want nothing but success which is understandable.

The fact that they have such high standards makes it that much harder to be accepted.

For that reason in particular many people are starting to become self employed.

It isn’t worth being unemployed for a very long time because your constantly being rejected by other companies.

We now live in a world that is dominated by technology and having the opportunity to use the internet rather than reading books to find information.

Becoming self employed in the past was very difficult to do but it is getting easier every year and is now pretty straight forward.

Is it hard to get a job?

I believe that it isn’t hard to get a job but it is hard to get the job that you want. A job is something that you are going to do for the most part of your life so it is something you would want to enjoy and look forward to everyday.

What makes it hard to get a job

Despite myself saying that it isn’t hard to get a job, there are things that can make it hard to get one.


Most companies require stupid shit like work experience. If you don’t have experience in that field then you will be rejected.

It is ridiculous because everyone is going to be inexperienced at the start. This is what pushes people to look into another career.


Of course you may have to accept the consequences when having a criminal background and have been to jail in the past. I personally believe that people should be given a second chance to start over.


I feel like it is unfair to be competing with others to get a job. This is why it makes it almost impossible to get the job that you want.


It isn’t really fair to be judged based on your looks and personality when it comes to job roles that doesn’t require customer service.

Even when it doesn’t come to customer service based roles I think that being judged on your looks is unacceptable.

I had that problem myself. Actually being told by managers that I don’t look the part to take on this role.

Is it worth trying to get a job under another company?

I personally believe that it is a waste of time.  The majority of that time  will lead to disappointment and having a status of being unemployed.

That is why I believe that you are better off being self employed and being your own boss.  Having your own rules and having the opportunity to work from home.

If you would like to find out more information on how you can become self employed, there is a free video series available for you to watch.

You will get an insight on how it is possible to achieve financial freedom and never have to be judged in order to make money ever again!

Speak to you soon guys, have an awesome day! 😀

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