Why do we want money?

Of course money is what we need to function. But ask yourself Why do you really need money?

What is it that is occurring in your lives at this moment in time that is making you crave money?

What does money have to offer?

Many of us crave money to help bring value to our lives so that we feel more appreciated as people. Let’s be honest, the majority look down on the less fortunate and see them as completely different people. Even if it is not intended.

Money can offer a lot more than just status if we as people use it for the right reasons. Giving money to charity to help the less fortunate, helping poorer countries and animals in need.

Let me tell you this though, money is just a piece of paper and is not worth more than any living being.

How you can and can’t make money

It is all about having the right mindset. When I asked the question earlier about why you really need money. It is very important when it comes to being successful.

You will struggle to make money if you don’t have the right mindset. e.g. need money to build your status and make people worship you.

It can be difficult to make money when you can’t help but have the wrong mindset. What I mean by this is having bad experiences in the past that mess you up psychologically.

Being bullied and treated like shit as a person can give you the wrong mindset and I don’t blame you. People that go through that feel as if they need to be noticed in the future. This leads to desperation and that is what makes it difficult to make money.

Wanting money for the right reasons

The right reasons for making money is as simple as helping others as well as ourselves.

Unless you don’t want money for the right reasons then unfortunately you will find it very difficult.

I will ask you guys another question, put some real thought into this. Just think of the most important reason as to why you want to make money… Does that fit under the right reason bracket?

When I say help others as well as ourselves I mean help ourselves in order to help others. “others” could be the most important people in your lives. E.g family members.

Use your reasons for motivation and I promise you will get very far. We all deserve to enjoy our lives and in this day and age if it means having your mind set on earning money then so be it.

Once you have reached your goal and made enough money then you will realise that money isn’t as important as you thought it was.

What I mean by that is that money doesn’t bring happiness and change you as a person. It is up to you to be the best version of yourself and do things that make you happy.


Speak to you soon guys… Peace! 🙂


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