Why do we dream about falling?

Bad dream
Bad dream

Our dreams are depicted on what is happening with our lives. This is very common, I had experienced this myself a few years back.

What does it really mean?

Is it a psychological matter? We could lack confidence, we believe were failures or we just feel that we can’t win in life.

Falling is an indication of insecurities, instabilities and anxieties.

These feelings can appear in a number of situations. It’s more common with people that tend to have bad experiences and without even knowing it, it has hit them harder than they thought.

We could feel like it isn’t a big deal but when coming across the same experience again is when you start to question it.

Is it really something we should be concerned about?

I personally feel that we should analyse our lives and pay strong attention with the things we aren’t really happy about.

If your someone who has ambition and has goals to achieve then i’d say that you shouldn’t ignore it.

3 tips on how to overcome insecurities

People who have insecurities are the ones that get treated like shit. It could even be from close ones and not only strangers. What we don’t realise is that our words have affect on people so we need to choose them wisely.

Few tips on overcoming your insecurities:

1. Believe in yourself:ย The only person that can control the outcome is you. Your actions are very important and if you have belief in yourself then you will be able to ignore whatever negative energy is coming your way.

2. Ignore your bad experiences:ย Now this must seem like a stupid thing to say because I myself couldn’t ignore things that were so hurtful. But I have mentioned before how things are never permanent and of course while it’s fresh your going to struggle to ignore it.

But eventually it will be easier to ignore. The more you experience it the stronger you get because you will be prepared.

Being able to ignore your bad experiences is huge because nothing can get in your way and you will be very successful in life.

3. Controlling your emotions:ย  One way to control your emotions is meditation. Is it a coincidence that majority of the successful entrepreneurs meditate? My mentors included. At first even I was like na that’s not me. But you will only know how much of an impact it can have on your life by doing it.

Being relaxed and having the right mindset will allow you to control your emotions. So when you fail it is easier to get back up and keep moving forward. Just like having a bad experience. When your in that same situation again by having the right mindset, you will be able to handle anything negative that is coming your way.

Hopefully after this you will be dreaming about flying. Everyone has a chance to become successful and live the life they’ve always wanted. Never let anything bring you down!

Speak to you soon guys…Peace! ๐Ÿ™‚

Free from her insecurities
Free from her insecurities





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