About me


Hi my name is Randeep. I was born in London, England, in 1996.

Throughout my school years I was always that fat ass loser that got bullied.

All I did as a kid was go to school, come home and play video games. As you can probably tell I am a hardcore gamer. It’s something about video games that allows me to leave this world and enter another.

I’d had always dreamt of my life being as joyful as these made up story mode games were. When I wasn’t able to convince my parents to buy me a game I would skip lunch at school everyday for a couple of weeks to save some money haha!

I am currently living with my mum, dad, brother and sister. Not for long as I plan to move to my dream home sometime in the near future. Speaking of family I have some great cousins!

I have a lot of friends but the main ones result in a small circle. You know the ones that are close are treated like family and you know will be with you long term.

I’ve always believed that the most important thing to help you achieve success is the company that you keep.

Support from family/friends are one of the things that will help you achieve success in life. If you are not as privileged as I am to have support from family,  go out there and make some friends that have the same goals as you.

Being surrounded by the company of likeminded people that strive for success will almost guarantee success for yourself.

It was only until I was 18 when I got my first job that I started to realise how money works. Before that all I had to do was ask my parents for anything that I wanted and I got it… most of the time.

Throwback to working in retail

My first job
My first job 2014

So having to buy my own stuff and not having a clue on how to save money  really was a wake up call. I’d waste all my money.

It took me a few years of working in retail and spending all my money to realise that I don’t have to be stuck  at a dead end job and be fixed on a less than average salary.

Like the majority of people, I had dreams of being wealthy and successful. But even then I was being a ‘normal’ person and wasn’t really doing anything about it.

To be honest I couldn’t even handle a little bit of money so you’d think that I’d never really get there. This is true because you need money to make money.

Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t know where to start. Which led to doubts and eventually led to fear. Fear of failure and that’s a road that no one wants to go down. It’s only when you begin your journey that you realise that failure is a good thing.

Why?… because that’s the only way you will be able to learn and progress. The fact is, you can’t improve without failure.

Anyway with that being said I was working in retail for another couple of years  and was too lazy to even do anything about it.

I think the majority of you know the feeling of waking up and not looking forward to work and your whole day is wasted because you only have an hour or so to spare before you go to bed.

Although what I did enjoy about these experiences was having great colleagues. I guess the environment was always satisfying knowing that you have amazing friends by your side.

House parties and dinners with my good old colleagues

Night out with the crew
Night out with the crew

House party
House party

A bit of bromance going on with me and Luke at the pub
A bit of bromance going on with me and Luke at the pub

Me, Jack and Sam
Me, Jack and Sam

I didn’t really know what I was doing with my life to be honest with you. Going out every night and getting drunk with mates…wasting all the money I earned.

What I used to do nearly every night of the week

Clubbing with the lads
Clubbing with the lads

Drinks with one of my close friends
Drinks with one of my close friends

Yh it had it’s moments but once it was over i’d be back into reality and I knew I wasn’t getting any younger so I didn’t want to waste my years not making anything of myself.

It’s hard to explain why I was unhappy with my life. I guess at times I felt like I had no support because I’d had bad experiences with fake people.

You want to believe that you are close with certain friends but then there are times where it’s every man for himself.

I guess not being appreciated for what I did for people and never getting anything in return made me want change.

This motivated me to make something of myself. I didn’t know exactly what it was that I wanted to be but I wanted to be successful whatever it was.

Making something of myself was my primary goal. Helping others that aren’t living a happy life and are less fortunate was and still is my goal.

My wake up call

I was struggling in 2018 when I had no job for 10 months. I used to apply for 3-5 jobs a day without fail and it was a pain in the ass because some never got back whilst other companies just rejected my application.

This was a massive wake up call. I decided to use my hobbies to make money. Art and gaming came to mind. So I thought, let me create art work based on video games and sell them.

That didn’t work because I gave up half way. That seemed to be the story of my life. I would always quit when things got hard.

My brother on the other hand was actively finding out ways to become wealthy and successful. He was constantly watching youtube videos on this topic.

When things started to change

Eventually he came across an advert  that convinced him to join an educational programme that taught you how to become and entrepreneur and provided all the tools to kick start your own business.

Being all excited about the possibilities, he came to me and told me about it. I was not convinced at all and  laughed at him because it almost seemed too good to be true.

This is a natural response from anyone that comes across something they are not familiar with and is out of their comfort zone.

You naturally throw questions as a defence mechanism to make the person put off what they are doing because you simply don’t want to believe in it.

Anyway fast forward to a few weeks of rejection, I had a think about it because I saw myself going nowhere and thought to myself. What have I got to lose?

As soon as I approached my brother and watched the videos that he had been watching on this educational Programme. I immediately wanted to join. The reason why I rejected it in the first  place is because of the doubts and not knowing how it worked.  Not knowing where to start.

Why I wanted to join this educational programme

What made me sign up was the  videos. They showed me that it was a possibility, despite the lack of experience or not being a tech geek. This educational programme is run by 8 figure business owners that want to give and help others achieve the success they have.

I know what your thinking, “I’ve heard this on social media enough times”. “This is another scam” blah blah.

Without this educational programme I wouldn’t of been able to make this website, without my mentors I wouldn’t of been able to sell on Amazon and do affiliate marketing.

I felt excited because I had the opportunity to stop messing around and find happiness.

Having the opportunity to follow my ambition is what I had always wanted.

if  you’re tired of not living the life you really want; then do what I did and take action.

It was a pleasure sharing a bit about myself and how my journey began. Hopefully this helped inspire you to take action like I did.

Life is too short. Live life to the fullest!

Speak to you soon… Peace!