Escape from retail

Working in retail for years sucked for me. I can appreciate the fact that people do like working in retail, I have nothing against you guys.

I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys can relate; I didn’t want to work harder than I had to for managers that pile their stress on you, or customers that treat you like a peasant and expect you to treat them like royalty.

I’m surprised I actually have a tongue considering the amount of times I had to bite it! haha. It seems like i’m going over the top but i’d say i’m genuinely telling you how it is. If you work in a supermarket, I feel your pain!

All jokes aside. I personally felt that I am wasting my life away having a job that I didn’t like.  It wasn’t for-filling enough. Working split shifts and having your weekends taken away from you. I also felt that I was doing way too much for what I was getting paid.

My dreams seemed non existent because I felt as if I was stuck in sinking sand and there was no way out. When your at that stage, you have to find a way to break that fucking wall down.

Not being career driven for people like us almost comes naturally because having a retail job can slowly take away your ambitions and you start to get comfortable.

Deep down you know your not satisfied.

Where do I start?

First of all you got to use this crap experience to sike yourself up and find some motivation.

You’ll be on the right track with the right mindset. Mindset is the key to success.

Be motivated to look for answers. The best place to start is to look into an affordable way of having a second income that will eventually become your main source of income.

Look into affiliate marketing. What that is, is you basically earn commission for promoting other company’s products. Should you make a sale, you will earn a percentage of that sale.

I know exactly what your thinking. We work in a dead end job for a reason. We have no other skills apart from customer service.

Funny you’d say that because customer service is a great skill to have when being an affiliate.


“I have no tech skills so this just seems impossible”

You don’t need to be good with technology to be an affiliate. As long as you know the basics of using a standard laptop or computer then your good to go.

“I don’t have enough money to start an online business”

Money is not a problem as you can advertise and start off with a really low budget and still get results.

Having a business online is the complete opposite of owning your own shop. In terms of the amount of money you spend.

“This sounds dodgy, probably just another scam”

It might only seem that way because it probably sounds too good to be true? The fact that you only need to focus on the selling part and not the business and still earn a load of money.

Letting these doubts take over will stop you from your chance of escaping your current situation. It may only seem dodgy because you don’t have enough information on how it works.

You know what they say, you will never know unless you give it a try.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate

  • You can work from home: Put your feet up on the table and work from your laptop. You can work when you want, for how long you want. Quality is better than quantity.
  • No more split shifts: The fact that you can work when you want for however long you want… you no longer have to be told to work on a certain day. Why not have the weekend off.
  • Be your own boss: No more torture from your managers.
  • High income: You have the opportunity to become free financially as there is no cap on the amount of money you could make.  Retire early, why not?

Want to find out more? Click on this link and subscribe to get this free workshop series .  Avoid wasting precious years and make a change.

Finding a solution

Speak to you soon guys….Peace 🙂







Why do we dream about falling?

Bad dream
Bad dream

Our dreams are depicted on what is happening with our lives. This is very common, I had experienced this myself a few years back.

What does it really mean?

Is it a psychological matter? We could lack confidence, we believe were failures or we just feel that we can’t win in life.

Falling is an indication of insecurities, instabilities and anxieties.

These feelings can appear in a number of situations. It’s more common with people that tend to have bad experiences and without even knowing it, it has hit them harder than they thought.

We could feel like it isn’t a big deal but when coming across the same experience again is when you start to question it.

Is it really something we should be concerned about?

I personally feel that we should analyse our lives and pay strong attention with the things we aren’t really happy about.

If your someone who has ambition and has goals to achieve then i’d say that you shouldn’t ignore it.

3 tips on how to overcome insecurities

People who have insecurities are the ones that get treated like shit. It could even be from close ones and not only strangers. What we don’t realise is that our words have affect on people so we need to choose them wisely.

Few tips on overcoming your insecurities:

1. Believe in yourself: The only person that can control the outcome is you. Your actions are very important and if you have belief in yourself then you will be able to ignore whatever negative energy is coming your way.

2. Ignore your bad experiences: Now this must seem like a stupid thing to say because I myself couldn’t ignore things that were so hurtful. But I have mentioned before how things are never permanent and of course while it’s fresh your going to struggle to ignore it.

But eventually it will be easier to ignore. The more you experience it the stronger you get because you will be prepared.

Being able to ignore your bad experiences is huge because nothing can get in your way and you will be very successful in life.

3. Controlling your emotions:  One way to control your emotions is meditation. Is it a coincidence that majority of the successful entrepreneurs meditate? My mentors included. At first even I was like na that’s not me. But you will only know how much of an impact it can have on your life by doing it.

Being relaxed and having the right mindset will allow you to control your emotions. So when you fail it is easier to get back up and keep moving forward. Just like having a bad experience. When your in that same situation again by having the right mindset, you will be able to handle anything negative that is coming your way.

Hopefully after this you will be dreaming about flying. Everyone has a chance to become successful and live the life they’ve always wanted. Never let anything bring you down!

Speak to you soon guys…Peace! 🙂

Free from her insecurities
Free from her insecurities





What life took from me

Hey guys, just came back after a long walk with my dog. I tend to get a lot of quiet time to myself when going for walks. This had me in a  deep thought about what life is all about and what impact certain things have on us.

I feel that this is a good topic to talk about.

So what has life taken from you? Whether it is something positive or negative both can invite a number of emotions that make us take certain actions.

There may be some actions that we are not proud of and there may be some actions that has helped us deeply.

I feel that anything that life has taken from us should always be taken positive. I know that if it was a death of a loved one then you wouldn’t agree. But when it’s not fresh anymore and you have eventually moved on then you start seeing life in a different way.

We may start appreciating life more and want to make something of ourselves to make that loved one proud. We can learn from anything that life has taken from us no matter what it is.

These rush of emotions are like drops of rain, some drops reach the ground quicker than others.

Eventually they dry out. That is when our minds start to change. Even though there are positives to take from every situation, people tend to go the wrong way and give up on life.

Easier said than done but you have to be strong. Life doesn’t only take but it also gives.

The greatest thing that life has given us is people. We help each other. Maybe that’s why the population is increasing because we trust that we have people to rely on and to look after us.

Whenever there are highs there are lows. This is just how life goes. Again easier said than done but when back on the ground, use the support that the ground has given you to stand tall.

Follow your dreams…whatever they may be. Don’t let life knock you down. Even if you are trying hard to hit back, don’t let yourself give up.

A quote from good old rocky: “It ain’t about how hard you hit…It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”.

If there’s one thing that I have learnt in life through my experiences is that money alone is not the solution to freedom. Finding happiness is what is key because you will always be a positive person.

Make the world a better place and help others by feeding off your positive energy.

We lose a lot of things in life but the one thing we should never lose is hope.

Speak to you soon guys…Peace! 🙂





Does the world revolve around me?

The company that you keep is what has a big influence on how your life will turn out. This includes friends and family.

It’s as simple as this, if you keep good company then you will become an amazing human being and live a great life. If you keep bad company then the chances are that you will put yourself in a mess and waste your life away.

In order to help improve our lives, we have to help improve others.

If your already helping others out then it’s quite clear that your not only caring about yourself.

I mean when starting a business isn’t the first thing that comes to mind is, ‘how can this product benefit customers?’

If not and your just thinking about the money, then i’m afraid you are set up for failure.

What only caring about yourself can lead to

Loss of respect:  We may think that losing respect of others isn’t a big deal if we only care about ourselves. This will have a huge impact psychologically. People will tend to ignore you and not treat you as a normal person which will leave you feeling left out. In many cases this has lead to people suffering from depression.

I know this because I have been in that situation and I have had friends that also have. I can tell you this, it is not pretty.

Loss of trust:  Losing trust from friends and family is something you wouldn’t want to go through. As well as losing trust, you will lose the support of others. Again this will make you feel left out and you will end up making stupid decisions in life.

Not feeling equal: It sucks but one wrong move and you will never be looked at the same again. People will naturally see you as a different person. It isn’t pleasant when people look at you in disgust and hate.

Not successful in life: Thinking about yourself will not help you in the long run. As I mentioned before about losing trust is a dangerous thing. You tend to make selfish decisions.  Having no support or respect from people can mentally put you off track. Not having the right mindset will make it difficult to be successful and reach your goals.

The benefits of thinking of others

Let’s make this a bit more positive!

Being loved as a person: We love the attention. Wouldn’t you want to live life being treated as a special person? I certainly do. This will help you make the right decisions in life because you will have the support of others.

Feeling good about yourself: Feeling proud of yourself can have a positive impact on your life. This will change the way you approach life, being confident and motivated to improve as a person will help you become successful.

Getting support: Ever heard of the phrase “you get what you give”? It feels amazing to get help from others even when your not expecting it. Use that as motivation to help others, think of them as being you.

Thinking about yourself won’t get you far in life. Whatever goals you have in mind will almost feel impossible to achieve. The reason being is because we only think of doing things that are best suited to us and that will make things worse, especially when your running a business!

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t care about ourselves at all. We have to care about our own well being as well.

But when it comes to doing things that you know will only benefit you and not others then you will have to question it before doing so.

The reason why you have to question it is because there may be a chance of you hurting friends or family in the process.

That’s not the road you want to go down because imagine how shit life would be without people and being on your own.

Being on your own  will make it extremely hard for you to become successful.

Help make this world be a better place for yourself and  others around you!

Have an awesome day guys…Peace! 🙂






I can’t afford to move out of my parents house

Stuck in a house that you want to move out of?

Having to live with your parents because you are struggling financially is very common. I have the same problem… trying to save up but have to help contribute towards the bills makes it that much harder and is very frustrating.

What if I told you that there is a way to have a second income from starting your own online business. If your thinking that this is not going to work because you have no money to spare then your wrong. This can work because you can start this without spending any money.

I have already mentioned in my previous blogs on how you can make money online by spending little or no money at all. There is a blog in particular that I would like to point out.

“what business can i do from home”

After reading this you would now be on the right track and have a few ideas in hand. There are so many options so you could choose what would be best for you.

These blogs will  have helped you learn about the different strategies and the benefits of those strategies.

There will be some advice on what to focus on in particular with each of these strategies and also be able to understand how and why it works.

All of these can be done from home, you just need your laptop and wifi. It is possible to work whenever you please and for how long you want.

Just working an hour or 2 a day can be  so effective you can make sales and get results.

The key thing to focus on is the customers. I mention this quite often but it is all about the relationship you have between you and the customer. Once you build trust then you will be successful.

When it comes to marketing, you don’t have to think outside the box. If you just focus on yourself and imagine you being the customer then you will know how it needs to be done.

There is always a solution to a problem. I get why people would want to move out of their parents home. Wanting to be independent, being restricted because of the rules you have to follow, having a partner that is constantly telling you that we need to move out… the list goes on.

Once you are successful with your online business you will have a different mindset and that will change your ways of thinking. You can use this to your advantage in terms of living a better life.

Feel free to subscribe and watch this free workshop series. This will give you more information on how you can make money online.

Keys to their new home
Keys to their new home

Thanks for reading guys,  peace! 🙂



What do i want to change about myself?

What is it that is stopping you from being the best version of you? It is time to get negative energy out of your life.

Wouldn’t you want to wake up every morning feeling excited? You can achieve anything when you have the right mindset. Remember the mind is the most powerful source as it is what guides us through our journey.

Having the right mindset is the key to success and is what helps you reach your goals.

Your mind is what will allow you to make changes and improve your life.

The advantages of having the right mindset

Being able to believe in yourself: This is very powerful as you will be able to achieve things that you thought were impossible. This will give you great confidence when trying new things.

Motivation and dedication: You are more likely to stay motivated and dedicated and that means that it is highly unlikely for you to give up halfway. It is usually the difficult tasks that are quite easy to give up on. E.g trying to make things work in a difficult relationship.  If you never give up I can promise you that you will see change and things will improve!

Getting rid of bad habits: Having an addiction to substances that are bad for your health just isn’t worth it. We clearly are hurting inside when we would rather not be sober, but when you become sober you are back to reality.

It is not worth harming yourself and wasting your life away when you can make things better. You know you are loving life when you don’t need to be “high” to have pleasure. When your mind is set in the right place then you will naturally stop and will be able to get out of these bad habits.

How to get on track

Kind of a weird phrase but i’ll say it anyway… “Put your mind where your heart is”

It’s always about how bad you want it, how bad you want this change. Use that as motivation to succeed. By not making a change you are creating your own misery. You don’t deserve that. Everyone deserves to live the best life possible and only you can make that happen.

If you are just not happy with life and are just not sure about what needs changing then i’d say to make a list of 5 things that you are not happy about. Rate them from 1 to 5 and 1 being the worst. Once you have done that, think of ways you can overturn this.

By you making a change, you will become an inspiration to others and help improve lives of those in need. The way I see it is that we live on this earth as one which means we should have each others back.


Have a great day guys…Peace! 🙂






Why do we want money?

Of course money is what we need to function. But ask yourself Why do you really need money?

What is it that is occurring in your lives at this moment in time that is making you crave money?

What does money have to offer?

Many of us crave money to help bring value to our lives so that we feel more appreciated as people. Let’s be honest, the majority look down on the less fortunate and see them as completely different people. Even if it is not intended.

Money can offer a lot more than just status if we as people use it for the right reasons. Giving money to charity to help the less fortunate, helping poorer countries and animals in need.

Let me tell you this though, money is just a piece of paper and is not worth more than any living being.

How you can and can’t make money

It is all about having the right mindset. When I asked the question earlier about why you really need money. It is very important when it comes to being successful.

You will struggle to make money if you don’t have the right mindset. e.g. need money to build your status and make people worship you.

It can be difficult to make money when you can’t help but have the wrong mindset. What I mean by this is having bad experiences in the past that mess you up psychologically.

Being bullied and treated like shit as a person can give you the wrong mindset and I don’t blame you. People that go through that feel as if they need to be noticed in the future. This leads to desperation and that is what makes it difficult to make money.

Wanting money for the right reasons

The right reasons for making money is as simple as helping others as well as ourselves.

Unless you don’t want money for the right reasons then unfortunately you will find it very difficult.

I will ask you guys another question, put some real thought into this. Just think of the most important reason as to why you want to make money… Does that fit under the right reason bracket?

When I say help others as well as ourselves I mean help ourselves in order to help others. “others” could be the most important people in your lives. E.g family members.

Use your reasons for motivation and I promise you will get very far. We all deserve to enjoy our lives and in this day and age if it means having your mind set on earning money then so be it.

Once you have reached your goal and made enough money then you will realise that money isn’t as important as you thought it was.

What I mean by that is that money doesn’t bring happiness and change you as a person. It is up to you to be the best version of yourself and do things that make you happy.


Speak to you soon guys… Peace! 🙂


Why is it hard to get a job?


Have you ever been told your not good enough? Big companies want nothing but success which is understandable.

The fact that they have such high standards makes it that much harder to be accepted.

For that reason in particular many people are starting to become self employed.

It isn’t worth being unemployed for a very long time because your constantly being rejected by other companies.

We now live in a world that is dominated by technology and having the opportunity to use the internet rather than reading books to find information.

Becoming self employed in the past was very difficult to do but it is getting easier every year and is now pretty straight forward.

Is it hard to get a job?

I believe that it isn’t hard to get a job but it is hard to get the job that you want. A job is something that you are going to do for the most part of your life so it is something you would want to enjoy and look forward to everyday.

What makes it hard to get a job

Despite myself saying that it isn’t hard to get a job, there are things that can make it hard to get one.


Most companies require stupid shit like work experience. If you don’t have experience in that field then you will be rejected.

It is ridiculous because everyone is going to be inexperienced at the start. This is what pushes people to look into another career.


Of course you may have to accept the consequences when having a criminal background and have been to jail in the past. I personally believe that people should be given a second chance to start over.


I feel like it is unfair to be competing with others to get a job. This is why it makes it almost impossible to get the job that you want.


It isn’t really fair to be judged based on your looks and personality when it comes to job roles that doesn’t require customer service.

Even when it doesn’t come to customer service based roles I think that being judged on your looks is unacceptable.

I had that problem myself. Actually being told by managers that I don’t look the part to take on this role.

Is it worth trying to get a job under another company?

I personally believe that it is a waste of time.  The majority of that time  will lead to disappointment and having a status of being unemployed.

That is why I believe that you are better off being self employed and being your own boss.  Having your own rules and having the opportunity to work from home.

If you would like to find out more information on how you can become self employed, there is a free workshop series available for you to watch.

You will get an insight on how it is possible to achieve financial freedom and never have to be judged in order to make money ever again!

Speak to you soon guys, have an awesome day! 😀

Is it good to be self employed?

Working for another company

Would you rather be working for someones business and help fulfil their dreams or be self employed to fulfil your own dreams?

I get it some of you may enjoy your jobs but being on a fixed schedule and having to work for someone for a living doesn’t help us in the long run.

Why? because we can’t live our lives the way we want to, we have to live our life on their terms. When you put it that way it doesn’t seem so appealing.

Being self employed isn’t as hard as people think it is. I guess that’s what puts most people off with just the thought of splashing out money and having to rely on luck.

If you were self employed and are successful, think of the possibilities. If you had the freedom to live your life the way you want to wouldn’t you be happy?

How to become self employed

So the best way to start your own business is through the internet. There is no point in opening up a shop or selling on the high street. That is the old school approach.

The reason why it is best to start an online business is because you are able to grab a lot more attention.

The population on the internet is huge! having over a few billion people surfing the web daily you have a better chance of becoming more successful.

Where to start?

Now where to start when starting an online business? So first you have to decide whether you want to sell for another company or sell your own products.

If you choose to sell products for another company then what you would want to look into is affiliate marketing.

If you wish to sell your own products then you must find a wholesaler to purchase products from.

Decide whether you would want to sell your products through your own website or a third party. E.g Amazon or ebay.

Advantages of being self employed and having an online business

. No upfront costs: Renting or buying a building to open up a shop or restaurant can be really expensive but starting an online business, there is no need to splash out to start.

. Flexibility: You being self employed allows you to be your own boss and work whenever you want. This allows you to work around your responsibilities and give more attention to whats more important in life.

. No cap: The amount of money you earn is limitless and you don’t have to put as much effort as you would if you had your own shop. You are able to make money 24/7 as the countries around the world have different time frames.

. Can work wherever you want: As long as you have a laptop and wifi you can work from wherever you want around the world. You can get away with working 2 hours a day on your business and having the rest of the day to do what you want.

Today i have spoken about the advantages of being self employed and how it is possible… if you would like to get more information on how to become self employed and what the options are in more detail then you are more than welcome watch this free workshop series.

Have a great day guys… peace! 🙂



Why do we love movies?

Watching a movie
Watching a movie

It’s obvious I mean movies are entertaining. But why do we enjoy watching them so much? I guess because we can relate or we enjoy the rush of emotion when being drawn into it.

Ever get that feeling of “I wish i had his/her life”. That proves that there is something that were not happy about in our life. It is holding us back from happiness.

What comes to mind when you think of happiness?

How to take advantage of these positive vibes we get from movies to make us love life again

There are 2 things that make us wish that we could have the lives the characters have in the movies:

1. Feeling of freedom and not stressing about anything in life: When watching movies were comparing reality to a script. We would rather dream about what our lives could be like than actually making it happen.

I personally don’t believe that money can buy happiness but what money can do is help you write your own script and make this dream become a reality.

Being financially free opens up so many opportunities that you can take to make you enjoy life and feel like your living in a movie.

2. The entertainment:  Just being around positive people that are enjoying their lives makes us feel so good. We feed off their positive energy just as we do of the characters in the movies.

We deserve to enjoy every second of our lives and not just that hour and a half of watching a movie. This is something worth fighting for so taking action and staying committed will be worth your while.

I have a book that I recommend you guys read. One of my mentors had recommended it to me. I ended up watching the movie instead because i’m not much of a reader.

It’s called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. In this book/movie you will be able to find the secret to success.

Now to make us love life again is simple… we need to have the freedom to be able to make changes.

The only way you will be able to get that freedom is by being in a comfortable situation in terms of the amount of money your earning.

Ever heard of that phrase ” it only happens in movies” to me only 50% of that is true. Of course having superpowers and things like that can only happen in movies but your life can be like a movie if you look to start an online business.

Advantages of starting an online business:

Fully flexible: You can work through your laptop whenever you like which allows you to be able to work around your responsibilities.

Easy to set up: The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of starting up a business is money. Lucky for you, starting up an online business can be done by spending little or no money at all.

You don’t have to be good with computers to do so as well which means that you can get started straight away without any hassle.

Just to get a rough idea I recommend you read a blog that I wrote a few months ago “What business can I do from home?”  Living the dream



Living the dreamSpeak to you soon guys, have an awesome day! 🙂