Do you have what it takes to become self employed?

Challenge accepted

Let’s make it clear, anyone can become self employed. Having what it takes to last as an entrepreneur includes so many factors.

What you need to become a successful entrepreneur

Patience:  You can’t get rich quick. The results will vary. This depends on how much effort you put in, how patient you are to see what works and what doesn’t.

Are you willing to take set backs and have the patience to rebuild on to bigger and better things?

The thing is when people think of becoming self employed they expect too much from the start. It’s good to have that belief that this will work and your passionate about your idea.

But when you expect too much and things move slow, you lose patience and therefore lose the passion. Patience is key and to be able to keep the patience, you need to have that stubbornness.

Which leads me onto the next thing you need to become a successful entrepreneur and that is…

Stubbornness:  Be stubborn on your dream for success and patience will automatically come with it.

Whenever your stubborn about anything, you don’t accept anything. Anything that goes against your beliefs.

Having that same mentality will drive you to be successful and give it all you’ve got. That is exactly what you need to be a success.

No fear:  Don’t be afraid of pulling out your wallet. A lot of people are so protective over their money.

You need to get in the habit of not being afraid. Why? because investing in yourself is the best thing you could possibly do.

It’s not a waste of money if you spend to improve your lifestyle for the future. It’s not a waste of money if you lose chunks of money a long the way.  Short term sacrifices are worth it for long term success, never forget that.

Be open minded:  What I mean by this is that you should never block out shit that could be useful to you.

Don’t ignore opportunities and advice. Don’t hide away from setbacks and failures. Being open minded will allow you to over come setbacks because you tend to think outside the box and automatically find ways of improving your situation.

You need motivation and consistency:  I know I’ve mentioned a number of times in my previous blogs that motivation is temporary.

Consistency is what drives motivation. You lose motivation and continue to be consistent and all of a sudden the motivation comes back. This repeated cycle is never ending.

There are a number of ways to stay motivated to be consistent until you reach your goal.

I  watch the same motivational video every single day to pick me up from the ground when I fall. It’s something I never get bored of watching and the words are so powerful that I feel like I’m unstoppable.

I’m also a huge fan of cars, video games and I have this dream of owning an amazing house one day.

I watch videos of my dream car a lot and videos of amazing game rooms that I hope to have myself one day.

I watch videos of expensive houses and visualize myself living there and having all of these things to keep my going.

To keep that stubbornness alive.

Let me share the video that I watch every single day to motivate me. It may also inspire you if your hungry for success and want to improve your lifestyle.

Speak to you soon guys…Peace!







Don’t be put off by negative people

“Are you crazy?” “You can not start a business!”

You know I for one work on myself quietly behind the scenes because I want to start strong and finish strong.

If that doesn’t make any sense to you then let me explain. When you have strong belief in something, it will happen.

Don’t get me wrong, people’s opinions can be golden when it comes to taking that next step for success. But others like to put you off because it’s something they can’t have and they don’t want anyone else too either.

When you have dreams to achieve something and your surrounded by negativity, it can go one of 2 ways.

1 It could motivate you and 2 It will lead you to failure because you slowly lose belief in yourself.

How to deal with negative people

For one thing I suggest that you stay away from negative people. We can’t afford to let someone take away your one and only opportunity to achieve success in this lifetime.

You must of heard the phrase, “you are the company you keep”. Being in the company of people with no ambition will have a huge impact on your self belief and mentality in general.

Even if it means being alone to work on yourself. It’s better to be alone than have bad company.

Another way to deal with this is by surrounding yourself with good company. People that are as ambitious as you. People that are motivated and have strong belief in themselves.

You will slowly become immune to negativity. Negative people can’t put you off anymore. Even if you have minor setbacks, your always positive and you find a way to resolve your problems.

Let’s talk about changing negativity to positivity

You know what I don’t get… why do we do everything backwards?

I mean the majority of us find it difficult to stay positive, it’s like a temporary thing. But we have no problem staying negative for however long we want.

It should be the other way round at the worst. Of course negativity shouldn’t even be apart of us.

Remember when I said we need to find a way to become immune to negativity?  Trust me, you find a way to do that… then your streak of positivity will never end!

When you have moments of happiness, you forget about everything negative in your life for that short period of time. That puts a smile on your face and then some how were back to the ‘shitty world’.

You see how powerful the mind is? as soon as your thinking changes even if it’s for a few seconds, you can turn negative energy to positive energy.

We feed off each others energy and that is why it is so important to keep the right company. You do that and you will be successful. There is no doubt in my mind.

If you want to be successful and improve your lifestyle, you are going to have to go to battle and enter the tunnel of emotions. Whatever emotion you come across, whether it’s fear of failure or lack of motivation you have to fight.

‘Tunnel of emotions’…Prepare for battle!

Keep your dreams alive guys!

Speak to you soon,





Don’t compare your chapter 1 to somebodies chapter 10

Chapter 10 vs Chapter 1

Ever wondered why it’s hard to get shit done?

We talk about new year being the ‘new me’ but in fact the majority of us will give up at some point.

Why do we give up or not try to improve our life? Acceptance is something that can only be used as an excuse if there is literally nothing you can do.

If your not happy with your career and lifestyle then why torture yourself until retirement?

Why do we compare ourselves to others?

Were usually envious of successful people and for a split second the positive vibes come in and you feel motivated. Our motivation soon fades away and that dream is over, maybe before you even start taking action.

Before I get into my point of why that happens, let me explain what the negatives and positives are of us comparing ourselves to others.


  • Motivation is born, motivation is a good thing and you want to make it last as long as you can. Long enough for you to make moves to achieve your goals. After that it is pretty much consistency until the motivation is born again through getting results.
  • It is genuinely a wake up call for most of us. We remain content with our lifestyle and don’t realise the damages it is actually causing. This will push you to want change.


  • Demotivated to even do anything about it. As if you weren’t demotivated enough already! Were clueless on how to even start because that successful person has it all.
  • When your constantly telling yourself that you can’t do something, it creates doubt and you begin to think that it is impossible.

Now back to my point earlier on why our motivation fades away. It is of human nature to not be in the mood for something and you eventually stop doing it.

But I think it’s a lot deeper than just just not being in the mood. This is more to do with getting out of our comfort zone.

To many this seems dangerous and people fear change because you don’t want to fail.

We’ve all  come across new challenges in the past and that eventually became apart of our daily routine.  Take your job as an example. It is now apart of your comfort zone.

So we know that new challenges are manageable, what makes achieving success any different?

You paint an extreme picture to make it seem scary but it really is a matter of trial and error.

I’ve mentioned before that life in general is about trial and error, so it’s not something that you are not used too.

Start your first chapter

Start your first chapter and begin working towards success. There is no need to compare yourself to a person that is well ahead. Just think of it this way they were once in your position and they stuck to it.

Every chapter comes to an end and if you keep working to achieve your goals, chapter 2 is just around the corner!

I know it has been a shitty 2020 but start your first chapter of 2021 with a bang and soon your old lifestyle will be of a distant memory.

Speak to you soon guys,


New chapter




Excuses get the better of us

Hiding from opportunity

Challenges come in levels. I think it’s fair to say that we may think we know how much of a challenge something will be, but we actually don’t unless we face it.

Excuses come from making assumptions and thinking negative thoughts.

Why do they get the better of us?

I guess we try our best to live an easy life. The thing is, it isn’t possible to live an easy life. But you can live an easier life.

The only way you can live an easier life is if you don’t have to worry about your finances.

Have you ever looked back at a past decision that you have made and regretted it?

That regret may be because an excuse was made and you weren’t able to benefit from what there was to offer.

I’ve spoken about self doubt, fear and challenges in general that stop us from taking action. Excuses are made because of those things.

I mentioned earlier that we make excuses so we can live an easy life. It’s mainly out of self comfort. We want to be comfortable and make ourselves feel better for not doing certain things.

That’s fine when it comes to things that aren’t important. But were in danger of losing out when you have a perfect opportunity to improve your life.

How to avoid excuses

If you want to be successful, the excuses need to stop now. Here are a few things that you can do to avoid them:

  • Just take a chance: Taking a chance and making a bald move is a good thing. Why? because no matter what happens, you will always come to a conclusion. That’s the only way you will be able to make a decision on whether you need to move on or stick to it.
  • Reflect: This could be one of the best things to do when trying to avoid excuses. Take some time to reflect on your life and why the thought of you wanting a change came in the first place. This is good for motivation.
  • Stop overthinking: I’ve mentioned before that overthinking is one of the prime reasons as to why we avoid opportunities. It makes us come to conclusions and tricks us into thinking that it isn’t a good risk to take. We create limitations in our mind and we fear the challenge because we simply want to live and ‘easy life’.

It’s down to our own actions when it comes to being successful in life. If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to take risks and train yourself to take the hits.

It is good for you because you will learn so much more and become better at what you do. Like I said before, not only business but life is about trial and error.

We win some and lose some. That is something were used to. We’ve already experienced it on a number of occasions without noticing.  So why do we let excuses get the better of us when we have an answer to our problem?

Don’t let excuses get the better of you because you have this one opportunity to become successful in this lifetime. Don’t waste it!

Take care guys.


Taking up the opportunity






Laziness is a silent killer


Not getting things done and wasting away time is deadly. It really is a silent killer because we don’t realize what we are missing out on.

Could this really be a contribution to not trying to make a change at all?

Most definitely! I know we don’t make changes to our lifestyle because of certain obstacles that get in our way.

But have you ever thought of you not wanting to put in the effort because of your laziness? If I’m being honest with you I still have this fucking problem.

We’ve all said or have even thought of the phrase ‘I’ll start tomorrow’. That bitch of a phrase is on repeat once said.

I have days where I’m lazy and just want to chill. I make myself feel better by telling myself that I will smash it out tomorrow to make up for it. If we have that mentality we won’t get far.

How am I dealing with my laziness?

To be honest I need a lot of improvement. I’m slowly getting there but I need to do much better.

What has helped me get work done is setting up a spreadsheet on excel. It’s similar to a to do list. I’ve got daily, weekly and monthly goals.

It’s called the 90 day challenge. I come up with goals I want to try and achieve within these 90 days.

So every time I miss the opportunity of doing any work because of my laziness, it means that I have less of a chance of achieving my goals.

The daily goals that I hit, I fill the box in green and the when I don’t I fill it in red. For me personally it’s a mental thing. When I see the majority of my month or spreadsheet filled in red it makes me work harder.

That is how I have improved. It makes my lazy ass work harder so I highly recommend that you do the same.

There’s something special about setting yourself goals. I don’t know what it is. That adrenaline rush that you get when you achieve it, is second to none.

What else can stop laziness?

One of the key things that can help improve and perhaps stop laziness in general is getting results.

That’s why making goals for yourself is so important. I’ve mentioned before that motivation comes and goes. When you get results, that motivation lasts longer and it will eventually turn to consistency.

Like I said, I still have problems when it comes to laziness but I’m staying consistent because I’m stubborn and am willing to achieve my goals no matter what.

One of my goals is to help others achieve success and enjoy life like myself. That goal is a long term goal. By me writing content that will help the cause is a daily/weekly goal.

The positive feedback that I have been getting are the results that keep me going.

It’s all about making goals and getting results. Challenges are there to be broken.

Laziness is just a side thing that should mind it’s own business hahaha.

Speak to you soon guys,


In the zone!






Not willing to take on the ‘headache’ and pressure?

Being successful is no walk in the park. Yes you will feel the pressure and there will be disappointments.

What is different to that and everyday life? Life is full of disappointments, whether your successful or not you can’t stay away from bad days.

Were already taking on the headache and pressure of our everyday lives. Headache of being unfulfilled with your career and pressure of having to do it until retirement.

Our mind just doesn’t give up on constantly throwing in negativity. We will always have our guard up to protect ourselves.

Is it really worth trapping yourself for protection? Trapping yourself has consequences.

What will it take to unlock the cell and be free?

You need to be able to control your mind and take charge. We take charge and do the right things without any hesitation when it comes to helping loved ones.

That’s what I mean by taking charge of your mind and not having any second thoughts.

We already know that our lives are important to us. I mean we constantly have our guard up just so our day runs smoothly. So why are we stopping ourselves from improving it?

You can never guarantee a smooth day but you can guarantee a smooth life once you’ve achieved financial freedom.

Still not convinced?

Controlling your mind may seem a bit too extreme because you obviously can’t change yourself in one go.

But you can make small changes and your mind will follow. A build up of small changes will result in a major change and you’ll be on your way.

Just do me a favor and come up with 5 challenges that you will have to face when thinking of becoming self employed and starting your own business.

So now that you’ve made yourself aware of those challenges. According to you it’s basically going to take a lot of pressure and is too much of a headache to handle.

You are right, challenges are tough. No one said they are easy. But your wrong in saying that it is too much for you too handle.

Why?  Because if you couldn’t take on a load of pressure, you would be unemployed for starters and not bothering to look for work. You’d also be  homeless as well.

If your here on this website, then I’m assuming you aren’t happy with your lifestyle and want change. Were already dealing with the headache of having to go through another day at work.

As time is running out the pressure builds and yet we still seem to be alive and healthy. So there are no excuses.

It is up to us to improve our lives, no one else.

The world is your oyster, remember that. Fuck me I’m pumped! haha

Speak to you soon guys,


Prepare for battle!









How long is it going to take?

Maybe  the thought of starting your own business has been put off because the thought of how long it may take puts you off.

But just think about how far you are away from retirement. What’s a couple of years compared to a decade or 2?

Procrastination will fuck us over without us even knowing it. Let’s face reality, you can’t get rich fast.

That is bullshit and don’t believe any scammers or anyone that tells you otherwise. But there is one thing, results vary so you could be successful a lot quicker than others.

That is down to you and your effort.

How do I deal with this problem and get on with it?

Well I can’t say motivation because I believe that it is a temporary thing. Yes it does help a lot but it’s natural to lose motivation. Motivation comes back and forth.

So if motivation isn’t the answer what is?

You. You are the answer to all your problems. It is your choice to decide how your day, month and year is going to pan out.

I always say this but it’s an obvious truth. Just for something like your own business to even pass your track of thoughts is saying something.

We are always talking to ourselves in thought and I can guarantee that you are not satisfied with how your life is panning out.

Use that as your ‘temporary’ motivation to get yourself started and make a change.

Then once that motivation has gone, just stay consistent. Fuck thinking about stuff like how long is this going to take. This stuff shouldn’t be at the back of your mind.

Doing things with a clear head is always the best way to go.

Let’s talk about time

What does time mean to me? I’ve started to see time in a completely different way. Before I didn’t give a shit about how my life was going.

I see time as something you can’t pause. I see time as something that is an opportunity. Time is something that can only be used to make the most out of your life and others.

I see time as running out one day and there’s goes my opportunity if I don’t do anything about it.

You must be thinking that this is obvious shit, but in reality none of us even pay attention to the obvious.

Sometimes we have to be reminded of these things quite often because we forget.

Now how am I still going on and why haven’t I given up?

Time is something that I can’t pause. Life is something that I can’t pause. So if I waste time I can’t improve my lifestyle and it’ll take that much longer to achieve my goals.

I see time as an opportunity. One day the clock will stop and my life will be over. None of us know how long we will be alive on this earth so why waste the opportunity?

During this time that we got, we can live it the way we want but we don’t help ourselves because of our doubts and negativity. In the end it’ll be more regret than anything.

These are constant reminders for me and make me carry on despite the set backs and lack of motivation.

Let me tell you what my mentors always tell me… ‘Never underestimate what can be done in a year!’

Speak to you soon guys,


Countdown begins




Overcoming Stubbornness

Rejecting opportunity

At what stage in your unwanted lifestyle are you in?

I mean when working in retail for me it took a couple of years to just accept that I can’t do any better than this.

Once you come to that acceptance stage the stubbornness starts to build.

What do I mean about stubbornness?

Stubborn as in DENY, DENY, DENY. When you hear about new and better opportunities, you don’t share interest because things start to feel impossible when you come into acceptance.

Were so used to being disappointed every single day that the good things in life seem almost impossible to achieve.

Therefore we act out aggressively towards opportunities that may end up being a solution to your problems.

Why do we act out aggressively?

I mean I’ve already spoken about the fact that it is natural for us as humans to want things to happen in an instant.  Even though there is a chance to resolve your problems with this solution, it may not happen as quick as you want it to.

So you automatically give it up before even trying.

I’ve always wondered why we reject opportunity. Especially if it is a gateway out of this shitty lifestyle.

I guess living and breathing negativity on a daily basis almost makes us forget that positives even exist.

You know I’m living proof that things don’t happen straight away. I’m still working in a supermarket whilst working on my business behind the scenes.

My stubbornness has evolved since last year. When my brother told me about this business opportunity he found, I was throwing negativity in his face and laughing it off.

I started watching videos and my mindset had changed. Why? because I gave it a chance to explain itself. Rather than acting out aggressively and being stubborn, I denied but then had another think about it.

How has my stubbornness evolved?

I still do have that stubbornness. But I use it for the positives instead of negatives.

My goal is filled with a number of achievements, my dream car included.

I am so stubborn on achieving my goal and having my dream car that I don’t let shit get in my way.

All these minor set backs don’t even affect me because my stubborn ass is not going to budge.

That is the key to success! I know this is in text form but I’m so pumped right now.  Believe me I’m speaking with passion.

Stubbornness can be used in both ways just like everything else. Use stubbornness for the positives not the negatives.

Sometimes the stubbornness is almost invisible as in you don’t know you have it until something big happens and you start waking up.

This is a perfect example that is relevant to the point I am trying to make.

My current manager has recently become a dad. After his time off he started to realize that this is not the career he wants to pursue for the rest of his life.

Simply because he doesn’t want to miss watching his daughter growing up.

I asked him about his life before having a child and working here. He said that he wasn’t bothered.

In reality he was and is bothered but was almost blinded by the fact that he had some stubbornness in him that was keeping him in retail.

Now with this big change his stubbornness is evolving and he is stubborn on achieving success with another career just to be able to see his daughter grow up.

Just like I am stubborn on living the best life and driving my dream car.

Again this is some deep shit. Hopefully this was a positive wake up call.

Today is another day!

Speak to you soon guys.








Slight doubts will draw you away from the solution


Ever been excited by the help of your imagination?  and then your instantly put off and a part of you believes that it is impossible to achieve this dream.

I can relate. I mean I used to imagine myself driving my dream car and living in a mansion, having all the materialistic things I’ve wanted. Then bam!

The negative thoughts about how difficult it is and blah blah. Negative thoughts create doubt and doubt is what makes you avoid things, no matter how good the opportunity.

I still imagine myself driving my dream car and living in a mansion. But this time round, I tell myself that this is the future rather than thinking of it as being a dream.

Why do we have doubts about things?

I mean looking at successful entrepreneurs that are living your dream makes you feel like it is impossible to do the same.

Why? well it’s natural for us as human beings to want instant results. We want things to happen for us right away. When in reality nothing does.

What I am trying to say is that we have doubts because we are scared of failure.

We figure it’s not a straight path way and we can’t achieve this in an instant. You start to realize that there are going to be failures along the way and we don’t want to feel even more set back than we already are.

So we end up doubting that it will work.

How to stay away from doubting things

What you have to realize is that life is about trial and error. We wake up the next morning and give the day a trial run to see if it will be a good or bad day.

We just go with the flow without thinking too much about it. You don’t know what to expect.

Well that’s what you’ve got to do when approaching an opportunity that might just be a solution for your problems. If it has the potential to help you open that gateway to your dream world then why would you ever turn it down?!

Don’t be afraid of new challenges

How do we know what our solution is if we don’t make the effort to even find it?

When you run out of groceries, you don’t go to a supermarket and doubt that they don’t have the essentials.

You already know that the supermarket is guaranteed to have the essentials.

So just like you give the supermarket a chance, give the internet a chance and find something that will help you solve your problems.

You know I often speak to my other colleagues at work and ask them about personal shit. Like are you passionate about your job? be real..

Some of the replies that I get are “I’m looking to get promoted for extra money” or “I’ve had jobs that were a lot worse”.

Ironic as to how I didn’t get a simple yes or no. I have nothing against people that are passionate to work in retail by the way.

I’m just saying that if you know you don’t enjoy what you do, why do you not try to find something better?

Forget about the money when your thinking about better jobs, jobs aren’t better because they pay better. Jobs are better when they are enjoyable and you look forward to work every single day.

Something that you can fit around your schedule and can have the work life balance to keep you happy.

If you want that then the only solution for you is to become self employed.

Don’t doubt yourself and give it a go!

Speak to you soon guys,


Doorway to your solution





No enthusiasm for anything in life

Not enthusiastic

There could be so many things that affect our lives. Things that make us lack motivation and show no enthusiasm when you have an opportunity come your way.

This results in no improvement in your lifestyle and we remain “stuck in the mud”.

It’s crazy how by just having a shitty job that pays an average or below average wage can affect us physically and mentally.

I know we should all be grateful for what we got. But in reality we can make the most of what we got.

By that I mean use your resources that are available to you and do something about it.

Do I lack enthusiasm? How do I deal with it?

I don’t know if hate is a strong word for you, when describing what your life is like at this moment in time.  For me hate is a weak word haha.

My current situation is better than it was because I am making a change. However, my life is still limited as I am stuck in a job that I can’t leave just yet.

The pain and anger I feel on work day is just insane.

To answer this question on whether I lack enthusiasm or not. I’d say yes and no.

Why would I say that? Sometimes I can be lazy and lack enthusiasm to do some work because I’ve had a long hard day at work.

Working in retail really drains me both physically and mentally and so I put off a lot of things like doing things that will benefit me.

My business included. But let me tell you something. For me that is a short term thing. So yes I lack enthusiasm for a short while. On average I can sometimes go a whole week without working on my business.

Now the reason why I’d say No is because I haven’t given up. Despite having minor set backs, I always get back to it.

So really I have been enthusiastic about running a business and being successful since I started.

What makes me carry on? How do I deal with lacking enthusiasm short term?

What makes me get over that is my stubbornness. I am so stubborn on my dreams that I will do anything to live it.

Easy for you to say!

Most of us feel so trapped that it’s difficult to even take positives on board. We doubt nearly every solution we come across.

You might say it’s easy for me to say because I already know what I want to do. In reality you already know what you want.

That is a way out of this shitty lifestyle.

When someone mentions the word business, our mind gets to work and we cancel out the opportunity by asking questions and creating limitations for ourselves.

Don’t overthink. Just go with the flow.  We’ve learnt things step by step our whole lives.

That was how it was at school. Why should it be any different now?

Where do we get enthusiasm from?

Think about the things you want in life. Whether you want to provide for your loved ones and actually spend all your time with them.

Or maybe you have a dream car/ house that you would like to own one day. Maybe you want to help the less fortunate.

We all basically want to live our life on our own terms. Enough of this doubt bullshit and tell yourself that you can achieve anything you want!

Being miserable until retirement and wasting away all those years is not how you want your life to end.

Use that as enthusiasm and improve your lifestyle for your own happiness!

Speak to you soon guys.


Living the dream!