Having no money to invest for a better future

Is this the reason why you are stopping yourself from improving your lifestyle and achieving financial freedom?

Let me tell you that money isn’t all you have to invest in when starting a new business.

Your time is another thing you need to invest in to build yourself a better future.

That is easily overseen but in reality it is probably more important than the money.

Why? because you need to take the time to find a solution before you know what and how much money your even going to invest in your business.

When I hear people say things like this by the way, ‘I don’t have the money to invest’ or ‘I don’t have the time’ are all excuses to me.

A bit harsh you might think? Take it from someone that has been in a constant overdraft every other month, if not every month. I simply don’t give a shit about my expenditures to an extent because once my profits come in, that will be of a distant memory.

Don’t get me wrong, you can’t just splash out without thinking about it. You need to have a good structured plan before execution.

My earnings working in retail are below average but that isn’t stopping me.

How can I move forward being in this predicament?

When your looking for ways to get passive income and starting a business, investing time and money is inevitable.

But your always going to have to invest in time before the money. So money shouldn’t be what’s stopping you from taking the opportunity.  If you read a few of my earlier blogs I’ve talked about ways you can make a passive income with little or no money at all.

Yes you will eventually need money when starting a business but not until you have invested some of your time in to knowing what you need the money for.

That should give you enough of an incentive to pull out your credit card with no hesitation.

Make sacrifices for a better future

Don’t let excuses stop you from early retirement. In order to win some you have to lose some. I’m afraid that’s just how it goes.

Sacrificing your time and money for a better future is a no brainer. We use our hard earned money for temporary pleasures already. Like new cars, clothes, night outs, games etc.

It’s not like were new to making sacrifices, I mean we sacrifice a whole day for a job we don’t enjoy just for a bit of cash that won’t go a long way.

Were also sacrificing our freedom when that shouldn’t be the way it goes. You want to look back and have fond memories of your life.

Why not use your hard earned money for a permanent pleasure? Living life on your terms is the ultimate dream everyone has. It is achievable but we can’t let excuses and minor set backs stop us from living the dream.

Make these temporary sacrifices for a better future. You won’t regret it!

Speak to you soon guys,


Invest for a better future





Escape from retail

Working in retail for years sucked for me. I can appreciate the fact that people do like working in retail, I have nothing against you guys.

I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys can relate; I didn’t want to work harder than I had to for managers that pile their stress on you, or customers that treat you like a peasant and expect you to treat them like royalty.

I’m surprised I actually have a tongue considering the amount of times I had to bite it! haha. It seems like i’m going over the top but i’d say i’m genuinely telling you how it is. If you work in a supermarket, I feel your pain!

All jokes aside. I personally felt that I am wasting my life away having a job that I didn’t like.  It wasn’t for-filling enough. Working split shifts and having your weekends taken away from you. I also felt that I was doing way too much for what I was getting paid.

My dreams seemed non existent because I felt as if I was stuck in sinking sand and there was no way out. When your at that stage, you have to find a way to break that fucking wall down.

Not being career driven for people like us almost comes naturally because having a retail job can slowly take away your ambitions and you start to get comfortable.

Deep down you know your not satisfied.

Where do I start?

First of all you got to use this crap experience to sike yourself up and find some motivation.

You’ll be on the right track with the right mindset. Mindset is the key to success.

Be motivated to look for answers. The best place to start is to look into an affordable way of having a second income that will eventually become your main source of income.

Look into affiliate marketing. What that is, is you basically earn commission for promoting other company’s products. Should you make a sale, you will earn a percentage of that sale.

I know exactly what your thinking. We work in a dead end job for a reason. We have no other skills apart from customer service.

Funny you’d say that because customer service is a great skill to have when being an affiliate.


“I have no tech skills so this just seems impossible”

You don’t need to be good with technology to be an affiliate. As long as you know the basics of using a standard laptop or computer then your good to go.

“I don’t have enough money to start an online business”

Money is not a problem as you can advertise and start off with a really low budget and still get results.

Having a business online is the complete opposite of owning your own shop. In terms of the amount of money you spend.

“This sounds dodgy, probably just another scam”

It might only seem that way because it probably sounds too good to be true? The fact that you only need to focus on the selling part and not the business and still earn a load of money.

Letting these doubts take over will stop you from your chance of escaping your current situation. It may only seem dodgy because you don’t have enough information on how it works.

You know what they say, you will never know unless you give it a try.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate

  • You can work from home: Put your feet up on the table and work from your laptop. You can work when you want, for how long you want. Quality is better than quantity.
  • No more split shifts: The fact that you can work when you want for however long you want… you no longer have to be told to work on a certain day. Why not have the weekend off.
  • Be your own boss: No more torture from your managers.
  • High income: You have the opportunity to become free financially as there is no cap on the amount of money you could make.  Retire early, why not?

Want to find out more? Click on this link and subscribe to get this free workshop series .  Avoid wasting precious years and make a change.

Finding a solution

Speak to you soon guys….Peace 🙂







Need to move out but no money…

Stuck in a house that you want to move out of?

Having to live with your parents or a friend because you are struggling financially is very common. I have the same problem… trying to save up but working an average salary job is frustrating because so many rules apply just to be approved of a mortgage, only to be in debt for almost the rest of your life.

I was watching a tiktok a few weeks ago and came across a video of a business man talking about how we are fooled to think that working for someone with the average salary paid job equals to a comfortable living.

He asked the person that was sitting with him a question. “Do you consider a 30k salary, what is considered the average salary a good wage?”

The man: “yes it means you can live comfortably”

So then he said: “ok, now let me tell you what the average price of a house is in the UK. 300k; so now let’s say you want to buy the average house and you are on the average salary of 30k. You would need to put in a 15% deposit before taking out a mortgage.”

He continued to say: “That is 45k, so now tell me how long it will take a person on the average salary to save 45k?”

He carried on to say: “Ok let’s just say you have family members or people to help with the deposit, you would then need to take out a mortgage of 255k. Did you know that the average paid salary of 30k is not enough to be able to get a mortgage for 255k?”

He then said: “So now tell me is the average salary 30k still good enough for you?”

The man replied: ” wow no I guess”

When you think of it that way you know that there are way more people earning less than 30k than there are earning more than 30k.

So what we really need to do to be able to move out and buy a place is to not work for someone for an average or below average salary and earn a living for yourself to achieve financial freedom.

When you work for yourself there is no cap on how much you can make.

What if I told you that there is a way to have a second income from starting your own online business. If you’re thinking that this is not going to work because you have no money to spare then you’re wrong. This can work because you can start this without spending any money.

Obviously you’re going start small whether it is doing it on the side whilst working your full-time job or whether you don’t have a job.

I have already mentioned in my previous blogs on how you can make money online by spending little or no money at all. There is a blog in particular that I would like to point out.

“what business can i do from home”

There is always a solution to a problem. I get why people would want to move out of their parents/friends home. Wanting to be independent, being restricted because of the rules you have to follow, having a partner that is constantly telling you that we need to move out… the list goes on.

Once you are successful with your online business you will have a different mindset and that will change your ways of thinking. You can use this to your advantage in terms of living a better life.

Feel free to subscribe and watch this free workshop series. This as well as the link to my blog I posted will give you more information on how you can make money online.

Keys to their new home
Keys to their new home

Thanks for reading guys,  peace! 🙂

Struggling financially

Struggling financially
Empty Wallet

If your someone who has been consistently going into an overdraft every month then I know exactly how you feel.

It’s hard to explain how frustrating life can be without having any money.

I  personally was constantly in and out of jobs. This meant that it was hard for me to save up.

It used to get to the point where I would be panicking every second of every minute knowing that my next pay date isn’t until a few weeks time.

I know how it feels to be desperate for money. I used to give into advertisements about trading and how much of a profit you could make. Seeing those numbers did draw me in.

But I did learn my lesson. I got scammed and lost all of my money and ending up being in an overdraft.

Tired of struggling financially?

Be strict with yourself: I may sound like a parent right now but believe me when I  say this…it does work.

This may result in having no enjoyment in life whatsoever. It does help in the long run. Wouldn’t you  rather be saving something than nothing at all.

Things you know that aren’t important aren’t worth your money.

It is  surprising to know how much you can save over the month when you cut out the unnecessary  purchases.

Budget: It does take a lot of effort to budget and work out how much you would like to spend and save. There are ways that can help you control your spending.

Research: You may not even be able to save because you are on a tight budget every single month.

This may result in having to delay things until pay day.

If that’s the case then it will probably be better to surf the web and find a way to have an extra income.

I know that there are so many different roots to take because all the information can be overwhelming.

I too had the same problem. It was difficult to even know what I wanted to do because I didn’t know where to start.

When researching on the web I knew I had to find something that I could be flexible with. It also had to be something that I would enjoy doing.

These tips may seem quite obvious when it comes to being broke but they are very effective. I’d say that research is the most important one because you want to avoid the cycle of having to budget and limiting your spending for good.

There are ways of making passive income . I personally would recommend looking into affiliate marketing. This will allow you to be flexible and make money. Work around your responsibilities and give you the freedom to live life the way you want.

Find out more on how it is possible to earn an extra income. I wrote a blog on “How to make money without stress” .    I started my journey on finding a way to get extra income a couple of years ago.

I’ve learnt a lot through failure and some success. I ended up joining a community and I have mentors that are supporting me with my journey. I don’t care how long it takes but I am confident that I will be successful because of the support that I have.

All I know is I don’t ever want to be struggling financially ever again. So the risks don’t phase me because let’s face it, if were already struggling financially we are already at great risk.

Speak to you soon guys.. Peace!

Earn extra income

How to make money without stress

Counting Savings

The answer to this is Passive income. Earn passive income online.

Passive income is making money with no direct involvement. The best way to earn passive income is through the online world.

The word money can bring stress in a number of ways. Having debts to pay off, not being able to help pay for your child’s upbringing, on a tight budget or maybe you are struggling to help out your parents and siblings.

As sad as it is, money makes the world go around. But there is something we could do about it. I know what you’re thinking… Is that even possible?

My solution was to use the online marketplace. Billions of people are surfing the web for a number of things, so it is obvious that this is the place where you would get the attention.

This is possible to do whilst working your current job by the way. Almost treat it as a side hustle until your current job is no longer needed.

But how could you use the internet to make money and become financially comfortable?

How to earn passive income

Here are 3 tips that will help you make a kick start in you online venture:

1. Look into marketing online :  You don’t necessarily have to have your own product and your own company. You could receive commission from other business’s by selling their products. This is a great way of making extra money.

With marketing the amount of money you make is limitless so you may even be able to leave your current job when your consistently making sales. You may still be questioning marketing in terms of not having money to invest in your ads.

There are free and low cost strategies that you could use to advertise and gain extra income. These strategies are:

  • Start a Blog: You can grab people’s attention through your blogs.
  • Video Marketing: If your not much of a writer, you could consider making videos to target your audience.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media is a great place to grab attention because these sites are really popular and it may be a lot easier to find the right audience. 

2. Research Freelancing: Being a freelancer is a fast and affordable way of earning money from home. This is a great way to make money without having to deal with stress.

Benefits of Freelancing:

  • You could do this around your normal job to generate income to help pay off debts and also save for a rainy day.
  • You’ll have more independence so you are technically your own boss.
  • You can be flexible and work whenever you want.
  • If you have got the skill you could start right away without any hassle.

3. Look into starting your own online business through e-commerce: You don’t have to have your own website… you could sell your products through companies such as ebay or Amazon.

An e-commerce business can start off from being a small business and gradually grow.

This is a great way to work from home if you have responsibilities or to make extra money if your busy at work.

This is not as complicated as other businesses where you need to own a shop or deal with customer service. To a certain extent you may have to deal with customers but that will be as simple as answering their questions and viewing their comments on your product.

You can choose to not deal with shipping products if you’re selling on amazon. Just focus on making your sales.

Benefits of starting an online business:

  • Cost savings: you wouldn’t need to splash out compared to other businesses.
  • Global access : You will be able to sell from anywhere around the world. Businesses that are run on the high street won’t have that opportunity.
  • Fast delivery of products: Selling through trustworthy companies such as amazon, you won’t have to worry about your products when being delivered to your customers.
  • Flexible: Not only will you be able to work around your responsibilities, you will also be able to work from anywhere around the world. If you wish to go on holiday you wouldn’t have to worry about asking for some time off work.

Using the internet is a very effective way to make extra money. Take these tips on board if you decide to do so. You may just be seeing yourself becoming stress free!

Stress free
Stress free

What business can I do from home?

business at home

To make money from home is possible in a number of ways. However some of these strategies aren’t as effective and aren’t as promising as others. We all know that working from home means that you can’t afford to waste time and have a slow income. But not to worry because there is a solution. There are two great ways to do business when working from home. The first one and probably most effective is affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is quite simply earning commission by promoting other company’s products. Find a product you like, promote it and earn for each sale you make. This is performance based marketing; what I mean by that is that in order to make more money you have to make more sales.  I know that may make you sound less confident about it but I can assure you that you won’t have to worry about that if you play it smart. There are certain methods to become successful when it comes to making a sale.

Simple steps to focus on when marketing

Target Audience: When promoting a product your more likely to make a sale when targeting the right audience. You have to ask yourself questions for example; I am promoting a video game. Where would I advertise this product? Where is my audience going to be?  perhaps you may find these answers through social media or Youtube.  That may be a great place to start.

Promoting products you are passionate about: Think of yourself when  your about to promote the product, this would make it a lot easier when planning on placing an ad because you will automatically know where your audience will be.

Set yourself a limit when investing: This may be the most important tip. If you are making sales but spending more money on your ads then you will not be making a profit. Make sure you have a plan, work out on how much money you would want to invest a month and stick to it . It is quite easy to get a little too excited and splash out money on your ads.

How can I benefit from affiliate marketing?

Passive income: “Regular” jobs require you to go to work to make money, with affiliate marketing you can make money while your sleeping.

Pay less: Most businesses usually have start up fees, with affiliate marketing you can start without any hassle.

Performance based: Your income is based on your performance . You may work over time on your salary paid jobs and still earn the same amount each month. With affiliate marketing the amount you earn depends on how effective your ad is. You may work an hour or two a day and earn an incredible amount of money.

Overall this is a great business to get into if you were to make money from home. You wouldn’t have to deal with customers or shipping the product, just simply focusing on making that sale. Remember play it smart and you might just be seeing yourself becoming financially free.

The second business idea that is really effective to do from home is working with Amazon FBA.

Working from home
Working with Amazon FBA from the comfort of his own home

What is Amazon FBA?

The Amazon FBA program is a little different from the affiliate business models. With Amazon FBA you need to create your own products or at least purchase them from manufacturers or wholesalers. You will need to make sure you read over all of their terms and services carefully to avoid any problems. Fulfilment by Amazon is there to help grow your business. Your products are picked, packed and shipped to the Amazon warehouse.

Why is Amazon FBA great to get into?

Free from customers: The most difficult thing about selling your own products is dealing with customer service. Some of you that may be reading this know what it feels like to deal with customers face to face and know how difficult and annoying they can be. But lucky for you Amazon will deal with the customer service.

Low cost: Amazon FBA also offer discounted shipping rates. Your customers will also benefit because many Amazon orders have free shipping and the prime members can get two days shipping for free. This will be great for you in terms of increasing your sales.

Quick delivery: There are hundreds of fulfilment centres all over the world. This makes it possible for customers to receive their order within a few days no matter where they are around the globe.

Things to focus on to be successful with Amazon FBA?

Your niche: Choose your niches carefully. Research potential niches to help you decide on what products you want to sell.

Marketing: Use social media, forums and email to market. You should also get reviews from your previous customers to help with your business.

Offers: You should offer sales but not too often, this is a great way to out do your competitors. You should also be ready to offer deals around holidays. You are 5 times more likely to get noticed during the holiday period.

How effective is Amazon FBA?

Due to the reputation of a successful business like Amazon, customers are more likely to buy your products. They have a strong level of trust so if something goes wrong the customers are confident that Amazon will deal with it.  That is a big plus for you and your business because your products will be trusted and you will have customers that will be interested in buying.

In conclusion Amazon FBA and Affiliate marketing are both great ways of becoming financially free and you can work from the comfort of your own home.

Speak to you soon guys…Peace!